Import Export

As Mans Group, we guarantee that tomorrow will be better than yesterday in order to protect our place in the sector, develop it better and reach our target.

Glassware Export

We produce modern and stylish designs. We export our stylish products to different countries.

What is Imports?

As import word meaning; The process of nationalizing the products and services purchased from a foreign country through the customs area is called import.


Anyone can export, provided that they complete the required documents and applications. To become an exporter 1) the customs file has been defined to the customs 2) It is necessary to be a member of any exporters association. (Excluding free exports.)

Import and export service

In line with the values adopted by the company, it serves many different branches of work. It serves you with the understanding of having the best voice in international business areas with its services and keeping up with the developing and changing world trade.