Completed Projects

As Mans Group, we guarantee that tomorrow will be better than yesterday in order to protect our place in the sector, develop it better and reach our target.

Our Rebel River Project

It is a project implemented in Hatay to ensure that the rebellious river, which is the problem of a century, is saved from bad odors. The project has been done by Mans Group. We are happy to be a partner to save Hatay from great trouble.

Mkü Faculty of Agriculture Dean's Office

The administrative building is 25.000 m2. There are 25 rooms, 5 meeting rooms and 1 conference hall in the building.

Mkü Faculty of Agriculture Conference Hall

Our Mustafa Kemal University Faculty of Agriculture Conference Hall Project has been successfully completed.

Samandag City Hall

Our municipal building is approximately 10.0000 m2 and the tender has been completed. Details of our town hall are available in our photos below.