About Us


Mans Group Company was established in May 2016 by Mr. Civil Engineer Mehmet Mansuroğlu based in Antakya.
He graduated from Gaziantep University, Department of Civil Engineering (English), completed his master's degree at Çukurova University. He received education in the field of Architectural Restoration and supported his specialty in the field of Occupational Safety. While preparing company missions and visions during the establishment process, it is aimed to serve globally and provide more cost-effective services with developing construction technologies.
      With its vast experience in the export and import sector, it contributes to the country's economy. In line with the demands coming from abroad, it continues to provide services with the export of various products with reasonable prices and quality by conducting market research in the best way. Especially, our company, which has been working and conducting works in State and Public tenders, is about the transformation of the areas under the risk of disaster number 6306 known as the Urban Transformation Law. Our company, which gives direction to its activities within the scope of its scope, provides service with its specialization and responsibility in the sector with a focus on people since its establishment and today.
      Established in Antakya in order to develop medium and large-scale projects in the construction sector, bring new construction technologies to our country and contribute to the modern level of our construction sector by following the latest innovations in technology, Mans Group is a stable company with its continuing professionalism, creativity, honesty and market development features. has grown and took its place in the world of Construction, Export and Import.
     The company management, which closely follows the developments in the sector and the new demands in the market, continues to be one of the leading companies in the sector with its strong administrative and financial accumulation. Our company, which continues to implement large engineering projects, has been established since; has signed many pioneering and exemplary, high quality and innovative projects.
Our quality policy ;
As a requirement of our customer-oriented process approach and continuous improvement principle; To ensure the changing and developing needs and expectations of our customers at the highest level and to obtain the best business results, continuous improvement of all business processes with the participation of employees, producing fast, effective and economical solutions, can ensure continuous development and progress, respect ethical values, never compromise from education. is to create a company culture that does not, and has a high competitive power in the world.
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Our Vision

To be the company that provides the best production and service throughout the country and to spread to larger areas in the world with the same goals.

Our Mission

On the way to reach our goals, by using modern information and technologies, to adopt quality understanding, transparency, participatory approach as a principle and to provide a management style that will add value to all our business partners.

Our Values

Transparency & Creativity, Competitiveness, Trust and Justice, Mutual Respect, Responsibility Awareness, Customer Focus

Our Principles

To fulfill the requirements of our leading role in quality.