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Mans Group Company was established in May 2016 by Mr. Civil Engineer Mehmet Mansuroğlu based in Antakya.
He graduated from Gaziantep University, Department of Civil Engineering (English), completed his master's degree at Çukurova University. He received education in the field of Architectural Restoration and supported his specialty in the field of Occupational Safety. While preparing company missions and visions during the establishment process, it is aimed to serve globally and provide more cost-effective services with developing construction technologies.
      With its vast experience in the export and import sector, it contributes to the country's economy. In line with the demands coming from abroad, it continues to provide services with the export of various products with reasonable prices and quality by conducting market research in the best way. Especially, our company, which has been working and conducting works in State and Public tenders, is about the transformation of the areas under the risk of disaster number 6306 known as the Urban Transformation Law. Our company, which gives direction to its activities within the scope of its scope, provides service with its specialization and responsibility in the sector with a focus on people since its establishment and today.
      Established in Antakya in order to develop medium and large-scale projects in the construction sector, bring new construction technologies to our country and contribute to the modern level of our construction sector by following the latest innovations in technology, Mans Group is a stable company with its continuing professionalism, creativity, honesty and market development features. has grown and took its place in the world of Construction, Export and Import.
     The company management, which closely follows the developments in the sector and the new demands in the market, continues to be one of the leading companies in the sector with its strong administrative and financial accumulation. Our company, which continues to implement large engineering projects, has been established since; has signed many pioneering and exemplary, high quality and innovative projects.
Our quality policy ;
As a requirement of our customer-oriented process approach and continuous improvement principle; To ensure the changing and developing needs and expectations of our customers at the highest level and to obtain the best business results, continuous improvement of all business processes with the participation of employees, producing fast, effective and economical solutions, can ensure continuous development and progress, respect ethical values, never compromise from education. is to create a company culture that does not, and has a high competitive power in the world.
Civil Engineer



We undertake the infrastructure and construction works of the modern and technological hospital building systems needed.
We undertake the construction works of modern sports fields consisting of multiple fields and events.
We serve in mass housing projects, which are the most important starting point of housing construction moves in our country.
In every region of Turkey with the projects we are preparing you for the wishes and needs of special projects.
We undertake the infrastructure and construction works of modern and technological education building systems in accordance with the requirements of the age.
We undertake and produce projects that have infrastructure and systems suitable for today's technologies for needs.


Construction Materials

It is not possible to complete a construction without building materials. One of the most important points to be considered in the construction process is the selection of construction materials in a planned and disciplined way. The type of building materials is usually determined by the project architect of the building to be created. Properties such as the quality, type, number and size of the materials should be known in advance and building formation should be initiated according to this information. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the construction materials to be used during the material selection are safe and free from harmful materials. Harmful materials are known as materials that contain harmful substances, pose a job safety risk, and contain hazardous waste. Whether the building materials contain such objectionable materials can be checked with the Material Safety Data Sheet.
Different kinds of construction materials are used for construction works. Also known as rough building material, materials such as stone, rock, clay, sand and gravel naturally occur and continue to be used frequently in the construction of buildings. In addition to naturally occurring materials, there are also many materials produced by man. These materials, which have become indispensable for building formation in two ways, are categorized in the list of building materials.

Prefabricated Houses and Prefabricated Buildings

Prefabricated Houses and Prefabricated Buildings
Prefabricated houses; Due to the structure, the walls consist of concrete mix particle boards. Jointing elements are made of galvanized steel. Roof part is made of trapezoidal sheet, metal tile, shingle, sandwich panel. Prefab homes can be made to all regions of Turkey and in the winter, cool in the summer is very hot and useful. It is set up in a short time and is highly resistant to earthquakes. Are prefabricated houses safe? Yes, it is safe and robust. Since the joints are made of steel, they are extremely durable. If the interior and exterior paint is done without disruption, the life span of the prefabricated buildings is the same as the concrete structures. Apart from the projects on our website, you can make a special project for yourself. We produce prefabricated and steel structures for every budget. Our company manufactures prefabricated villas and steel houses.
Works, including turnkey prefabricated houses, respectively;
* Making ground concrete (basement concrete) (Provided that the ground is flat, excluding preterm)
* Establishment of the prefabricated building, electrical water installation, door, window, ceiling roof, internal and clean water installation, interior and exterior painting
* Kitchen cabinet and bathroom sanitaryware installation
* Covering wet floors with parquet and tiles, covering the forehead of the kitchen cabinet with tiles.
* Transport and personnel accommodation
Turkey 's services we provide to each region. The costs of prefabricated houses vary according to the region to be visited.
Prefabricated lightweight prefabricated structures are mounted on pre-prepared concrete floor. The biggest advantage of the prefabricated buildings is that the system is steel construction and it is lightweight and earthquake resistant.
The fact that the prefabricated buildings are manufactured in a short time and provide fast assembly, the fact that they can be disassembled and reassembled many times increase the preference for these structures.
Prefabricated buildings are produced in desired dimensions and designs. Structures can be single storey or two or three storey. Product shipments can be made by truck, truck, ship, freight container, train or cargo aircraft. A crane is not required for the loading and unloading of fibercement panel system structures. A crane is required in the Fibercement bolted type building and sheet panel system buildings. In overseas productions, materials are packaged in accordance with international transport and packaging rules.
Prefabricated buildings can be delivered including electrical installation, sanitary installation, paint, glass, and delivery can be made excluding electrical installation, sanitary installation, paint and glass. All of the materials we use are TSE certified and most are ISO 9001 certified. The raw materials we use are in TSE and DIN norms.
Fibercement board / HEKIMBOARD brand cement, silicate and cellulose fiber, which we use as a covering material in exterior, interior, ceiling and interlayer flooring in prefabricated structures and containers, is produced by baking at high pressure and heat. With this method, the plate is prevented from deforming from temperature differences and climatic conditions.


Our architect team of historical building specialists specializes in historical conservation architecture and materials preservation. Our collaborative research approach helps us to strip the layers of the past, understand, protect and interpret our common cultural heritage. We believe that historical research and efficient use of the most appropriate technologies are the right documents and interventions that provide significant construction savings for our customers.

Interior and Exterior Design

We start each project with a clean and attractive idea that specifies the originality.Mans Group is a multifunctional company serving in the fields of design, architecture, interior, restoration, lighting design and consultancy. The company develops true trends of modern design day by day. The Mans Group business approach focuses on a flexible perspective by collaborating with customers on architectural, design and technical issues.
Mans Group is a contemporary design firm. We specialize in architectural and complex interior projects. We are not limited to size, scope or typology, we are only inspired by creative challenges and take an analytical approach and transfer artistic concepts to simple and practical solutions.

Import and export service

In line with the values ​​adopted by the company, it serves many different branches of work. It serves you with the understanding of having the best voice in international business fields with its services and keeping up with the developing and changing world trade. Our company, which advances in business ethics with its resources and valuable colleagues, is proceeding with successful steps to meet all product and service oriented needs.
Superiority Anytime Anywhere
Trade is always able to meet all needs in the globalizing world conditions, to offer alternative practices to the needs by producing new solutions. To ensure the continuity of the service, to make the necessary investments, to provide the benefit to the shareholders who are entitled to capital, to act in good faith and understanding in all our relations in order to ensure mutual benefit, to demonstrate its superior difference anytime and anywhere by always complying with the laws and moral rules.


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Quality Wooden Playhouse

Wooden playhouses are small houses produced in different models, also known as tree playhouses. These types of houses contribute to the development of children's imaginations in a short time. At the same time, children can safely create a playground at home.

Quality Wooden Playhouse

Wooden playhouses are small houses produced in different models, also known as tree playhouses. These types of houses contribute to the development of children's imaginations in a short time. At the same time, children can safely create a playground at home.

10 Reasons to Buy a Prefab House

Prefabricated houses, which have been in great demand in recent years, manage to be a good alternative for those who want to get away from reinforced concrete houses. These fabricated buildings, which contain all kinds of comfort and produced according to the wishes of the user, can be easily adapted to different residential areas. Structures designed with sound and heat insulation, environmental conditions, fire and earthquake precautions are designed as single and multi-storey buildings. The prefabricated houses that are produced for different usage purposes and lifestyles make it easy to host by offering attractive price options. There are many reasons for you to have one of the prefabricated houses designed with different architectural features such as single storeys, villas or mansions. You can carefully examine 10 reasons that will allow you to buy a prefabricated house compatible with nature.

Differences Between Concrete Prefab, Steel Prefab and Wood Prefab

Prefabricated houses are made of three different materials. These; concrete prefabricated, steel prefabricated and wooden prefabricated. Let's take a look at what the differences are between these 3 different prefabricated varieties.